Too complicated for even my therapist.


prayer circle to ensure that new album promo includes one direction playing a series of increasingly bizarre games with jimmy fallon on “the tonight show”

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*harry points to niall’s mouth* my ride’s here

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And my dad couldn’t care less.


My mom is making me feeling like a complete shit and telling me all this stuff, and yes I’m partially to blame because I had multiple times to retake it and I didn’t take it but I’m not trying to blame it on her either but she could have asked or talked to the school about how I was doing she never has cared about my schooling until it becomes an inconvenience for her.
But I’m sure on the outside she is jumping with joy because now she’s going to make me stay home and go to community college so she doesn’t have to hire a babysitter.

If I don’t post tonight it’s most likely I was beat to death.
Wish me luck/pray for me.

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