Too complicated for even my therapist.



Harry running at the fans and letting them grab him…He is doing the Lambeau Leap.

The packers are the only team in the NFL that do this on a consistent basis. When a player scores, they run and jump onto the wall behind the end zone and let them crowd hug them. 

In Wisconsin, kids are taught how to do this at a young age if you go to any packer family day. 


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My 8yr old sister is running around the house right now and then all of a sudden on of them said
“I’m hungry”
And my sister said “no don’t eat then you’ll become a fat girl” and they all giggled then my sister asked them how much they weighed and now they’re all in the restroom weighing them selves.
My mom has fucked up my sister so bad I feel so sorry for her


harry: *forgets to say bless you after someone sneezes*
girls that go hard: DARK HARRY ACTIVATE!!! DICK ME DOWN FROG DADDY!!!!!!!

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